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What do you think happened to that key you lost – or the one you gave to your neighbour or your babysitter years ago? Have they moved on and taken the key with them? Maybe you’ve had a recent falling out with a friend.

You are not alone. Many homeowners cannot account for all their keys, and as a result may not feel safe at home. If you haven’t changed the locks of a home you’ve purchased, it is impossible to know how many keys may be out there.

The Lock Dynamics system solves this problem by preventing entry even when someone has the key!

  • Fits easily over nearly any deadbolt and prevents it from turning

  • Held in place by powerful magnets – cannot be shaken off!

  • Sturdy design ensures years of usage

  • No tools required to use!


Security systems can cost thousands of dollars, but for just $24.95, you will never have to worry about who has a key your home. You can’t put a price on safety, but you can ensure that your family is safe.


And – right now –

shipping is FREE, anywhere in Canada.


Order today and get peace of mind for years to come. Feel good at home.



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